Tokenize any asset

Harness the power of blockchain technology to tokenize any asset, automate compliance, and provide comprehensive account management services

Tokenization and Account management
US$ 0 Trillion
digital assets tokenized by 2030
0 %
institutional investors interested
in investing in tokenized assets
US$ 0 Billion +
digital assets traded every day


Create compliance
aware tokens

that can be stored, transferred, traded, and settled over the blockchain and governed by a smart contract

Move tokens
across networks

with a single ‘control location’ to ensure distribution control, real-time visibility, and wallet-level management


using a Policy Rules Engine and Attestation Registry to determine permissions, execute transactions, and transfer tokens on-chain

Support multi &
cross-ledger transactions

using patented transaction management technology while enforcing common compliance rules

See who owns what

in real time with capitalization table management

Recover lost, stolen, or misappropriated tokens

with tokens that are revocable by authorized parties

Management Services

Instantly settle trades

against tokenized cash to investor wallets


tokenized dividends, interest, and capital gains

Provide reports

for compliance and tax reporting

Manage & monitor the entire account lifecycle

from wallet registrations and identity management to asset transfers and reporting

Easy-to-navigate onboarding system

for investors including risk-based authorization, attestation record creation, and access to multiple wallets, chains, and assets linked to investors’ profiles

Manage transactions

with on-chain transaction signing, and registration and tracking of asset holdings

Tokenization & Account Management Services are a part of Securrency's Capital Markets Platform

Harness the power of blockchain technology to tokenize any asset, automate compliance, and launch digital assets marketplaces

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