Delivering actionable information for greater transparency

Scans and distills data from blockchains and other databases to support market requirements


A trove of data for automated regulatory reports

LedgerScan is a massive-scale, ledger-agnostic Web3 data processing engine that collects and stores specified blockchain data off-chain. By transforming and storing multiple ledger data in a standardized format, LedgerScan can provide near real-time access to this data via API and business intelligence solutions and analytics.


Efficient reporting for capital markets participants

Monitor and report on global transactions for regulatory/AML compliance

Conduct risk analyses – for example, liquidity, account credit limits, and margins

Analyze transaction history and trends, accounts and balances, and token and wallet events to personalize services and detect anomalies

Gain insights into investor types based on token and wallet usage and merged off- and on-chain data

Maintain investor

LedgerScan Web3 Analytics are a part of Securrency's Capital Markets Platform

Harness the power of blockchain technology to tokenize any asset, automate compliance, and launch digital assets marketplaces

Capital Markets